Tres Bills, Tres Bills...

When I first topped the 300 pound mark, I wasn't nearly as upset as when I weighed in at 342 this year.  That's weird, right?  I mean, most people would be mo****fu***** pissed that they weighed 300 pounds, and they'd do something about it. 

I don't even remember when I hit that landmark.  It wasn't 10 years ago, but it wasn't last year either. 

It's sad.  Because I'm about to cross back into the other zone.  As in < (that's a LESS THAN sign for all you non-math-inclined people).  As I write this, I'm literally in spitting distance of 299.  By "spitting distance," I mean as in the "I'm trying to make weight for wrestling, so I'm wearing a garbage bag suit and spitting into a cup" spitting distance.  It feels good.  Especially because I'm not wearing that suit, nor am I spitting into a cup.  I did have some Grouper at a fine establishment to celebrate it, however.  And I still lost weight yesterday.

Which brings up the reason for the delay in my posts: my scale is wrong.  No, I'm not about to make excuses.  By even the highest (wrong) measurement, I'm still down more than 35 pounds since we started this whole quest.  But I'm close to that milestone, and it's bugging me that I may either already be there, or I may be another week or two away.  I want it NOW, in other words.  No excuses for this one: the scale is literally wrong.  I touch it to activate it, and it zeros out.  I step on it: 308. 

I'm pissed.  I stomp around near the scale, making footprints appear in the marble tile.  The scale shuts off. 

I touch it again.  It zeros again.  I step on it: 302.  I'm happy! I'm elated! I want to record the result! 

But I don't trust it.  So I stomp around, waiting for the scale to shut off.  When it does, I touch it again.  I step on it again- zero becomes 304.  AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! STUPID SCALE!!!

I kick the scale!

I kick the wall!


Calm.  Calm.  Calm.  Calm. I hear that Yoga helps.  AAAARGH!!!


Anyway, I'm about to (hopefully) move into sort-of-recently-uncharted territory.  So here are some pix!

Still a gut? Yes, I weigh just over 300 lbs. What did you expect?

This one is a little more obvious. Well, the gut doesn't go all the way out...

Same deal...less back roll than 30 days ago, though!

Can you tell my arms are getting...tanner? I have noticed some definition changes. 

I said I'm forcing myself to watch The Biggest Loser.  I feel for Buddy, who for the last two months never looks like he's lost any weight, yet he's down over 100 lbs.  All I know, is that my scale (wrong it may be) tells me I'm lighter, and my pants fit better.  'Nuff said.

Weight: 302.0 (-42.6 lbs.).  More to come!

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