A Traveling I Go! A Traveiling I Go! Hi-HOLY SEA BASS!

I've been watching that show FatChef on Food Network.  The concept appeals to me, because it's a show about good food and horrifically obese chefs losing weight.  While Cooking.  And Eating.  Which I imagine is like being an alcoholic working in a liquor store and having to take a taste from every bottle as they leave the store.  It's usually a pretty good show, but I've been noticing some trends so far (3 episodes):

  • The Guys go gung-ho, but while their 16 week weight loss is pretty awesome, they tend to ease up toward the end of it
  • The Women can't hack it
  • People who work with food are either incredible Stress Balls, or they lack proper coping skills (or maybe both)
Okaaaay, I slipped the second one in there hoping no one would notice. But it's true on the show. So far, not one of the women has made their goal, and 2 of the 3 men have (the 3rd slacked off between weeks 10 and 16, but still lost ~80 pounds out of his goal of 96).  In fact, the women have been sorry by comparison.  It's a fact.  Watch the show.  I know that I would be dead meat if I was a chef- I would weigh 800 pounds.  Within 24 hours. 

I'm glad I do what I do.  It's safer. Someday, maybe I'll write about some of the "safe" things that have happened over the last few years- it's unbelievable stuff.  The part of my job I truly enjoy is recruiting.  I spent a couple of days at Auburn University (War Eagle!) this week recruiting business and supply chain majors.  Basically, I was looking for some aggressive, hungry fresh-outs to be fed to the grist mill that is my company.  I found a bunch.  I love going to Auburn- the students there are always impressive without being arrogant (this is a real problem these days), and the career services folks there are among the best in the world.  Great southern hospitality all around.  Did I mention I love Auburn?  Funny note: I never would have admitted that until last year, what with being a Bulldog fan and all.  ROFL 

These little trips always involve two things that I enjoy: happy hour and dinner with old and new friends.  When I'm going somewhere I've been before, like Auburn, I usually arrive the night before the actual event (expo, job fair, whatever you want to call it), and arrange dinner with people I know there, and any candidates I can identify based on referral.  This week, we ate at Arricia, which is located in The Hotel at Auburn.  I love this place.  Great service, great food.  'Nuff said.  It wasn't even too hard to be "good," what with all of the seafood options they have.  I recommend the sea bass.  I definitely did not go hungry!  Plus, this group of previous and (hopefully) future interns and full-timers (re: grist) was exceptionally entertaining and had no trouble carrying the conversation.  I like that.  I hate feeling like I have to drive conversation at a table larger than six.  Six I can handle.  I have a big mouth.  More than that, and it feels like I'm performing instead interacting.  If I've got to "mush" a dog sled through dinner, there won't be many offers for that crew, LOL

Anyway, it was a successful trip, both from a professional and caloric standpoint.  I even packed my Power90 workout DVD and did the dreaded yoga (and cardio program) in the hotel room.  TADA!  I'm so stinkin' proud of myself.  Time to go celebrate with...50 minutes of cardio! LOL

Still on track, still in the burn zone, 32 days in the bag! Weigh-in tomorrow, pictures (maybe) tomorrow!

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