I was actually prepared to go backwards this morning.  In fact, I made myself a small (11 chip) nacho plate to "celebrate" starting over again last night.  I shouldn't have been worried. 

The Holy Scale revealed my morning weight to be 299.0 pounds.  Breakthrough.

So here we are, the start of Round 2, beginning "again" from a new low weight under Tres Bills.  I feel great.  I am traveling to Auburn University today, and I managed to get to the hotel with enough time to work out before dinner (cardio with the dreaded Yoga), and I managed to ignore all the Glorious items I indulged in the last time I was here.  Instead, tonight's feast involved an arugula salad with wild mushrooms and a lemon vinaigrette, which, I'm shocked to admit, was both exceptionally filling and downright tasty.  I'm going to have to attempt this one at home!  I also had a couple pieces of good Italian bread, a little olive oil, and some steamed mussels.  And I didn't even drink the sauce out of the mussel bowl, LOL!

Feeling pretty good tonight, on a weekend that involved a Quest, a weigh-in, and what could have been a step back. 

Maybe if I hadn't had the nachos, I would've been 298...

But I can't think like that- the whole point of this diet is to not deny myself things, only to manage how much of those things get in my mouth.  For that reason, I declare victory in this battle so far. 

Now on to round 2!!!

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