...and eat hardy, for tonight we dine in HELL!

I'm not sure what I expected this week.  I had a couple of late nights at work, as well as a luncheon for employees with 30+ years of service (steak and potatoes type of affair).  I made good choices, both for my dinners on the late nights, and during the luncheon, I went with the grouper instead of a nice, juicy steak, steamed veggies instead of fried cheese grits.  In short, I really didn't feel like I was denying myself anything. 

And I'm down to 293.2 lbs.  PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!  Ok, not exactly the battle cry for the situation, but it's all I've got right now.

So let's analyze two contributing factors: there was the Scale debacle, and this was the first full week of using the Holy Scale.  There was also the amount of sodium I was ingesting last week. By limiting my sodium (somewhat, just trying to stay under 2,000 mg/day), I think I wrung a little extra water out of myself this week that had inflated my weight last weekend. 

There was also the vodka.  I love vodka.  Good vodka, chilled, up, and in a rocks glass of significant enough girth to fit comfortably in my paw.  GLORIOUS.  I won't get into what I consider "good" vodka, it will just irritate someone, so suffice it to say I'm a purist.  I had a few last night, which likely further dehydrated me.  So if I actually gain weight this week, I'll know I can't "cheat" my way to weight loss this way.

In any case, another successful week.  The journey continues...

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