Starving the Super Bowl

Last weekend was tough for me, food-wise.  With so much time on my hands, and a virtually unlimited cornucopia of choices, I was happy to get through the weekend without driving the diet bus off a cliff.  This weekend is already tougher.  It's Super Bowl Eve, and I've had a dozen different foods today, but I've managed to limit the quantity of each, so I'm still in the calorie deficit zone, to the tune of 3,300 calories.  +1 Point to me (so far). Tomorrow is a different story.

Super Bowl Sunday, for me, has always been a party.  And I don't mean a "nice time," I mean an up-at-dawn-drinking-bloodies-all-day-drunk-and-food-fest.  As a professional drinker, I don't get "hungover" like the rest of the population, but I'm still in favor of an Executive Order making the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.  Come on, Washington- do something right for a change, LOL!!  Barring a national holiday, some day I will be in a corporate leadership position, and my first act will be to make it a company holiday.  I can't imagine a smarter morale-builder than that.  Realistically, and I have worked in manufacturing my entire life, who wants a bunch of hung over people building anything?  Nobody.  Heck, outside of manufacturing, do you want someone who is hungover doing ANYthing for you the next day?  Think chicken nuggets hitting the floor en route to the drive through...

But back to the thread, my SBS has to change if I am going to change.  Tomorrow, unlike the previous, oh, 30 Super Bowls, I am not going to be living out some Dionysian Fantasy, gorging myself like a Sumo Wrestler in the off season, and drinking like a fish all day.  It's going to be weird.  But it's going to be healthy.  -Ish.  The key for me is quantities.  My plan is to not deny myself any of the goodies we're planning for the party tomorrow, but to have "just a sample."  Like a stroll through Costco on Saturday, the moveable feast without the volume.  I've already paired my iPod to the Gadget, so I can record each hors d'oeuvre as the day progresses. 

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, eh? 

Okay, so I'm not being completely honest- the hors d'oeuvres we are serving are of the fresh fruit and vegetable variety.  Instead of my famous nachos, we're having high fiber and low-fat cheese quesadillas dipped in my Frank's Red Hot-based spicy sauce.  Instead of "Meat Dip," we're having my lovely wife's Chicken Chili (which is phenomenal, especially with a little help from Frank).  We also picked up some strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, and even a mango (for good measure, LOL).  Everything is already pre-programmed into the "MyFoods" part of the Meal Logger on my Gadget companies' website.  I could probably actually log them now, in about the quantity that I'll eat, and not be too far off come tomorrow.  But that defeats the purpose of having at least some temptation and being able to overcome it, so I'll hold off and do it in real time like I normally do. 

I may even jump on the elliptical prior to the game.

We shall see.  Still 314 today.  Not too concerned- a solid 5 pounds for the week, and I'm happy.  The trick is to not have that attitude extend past the weekend. 

In workout news, the Circuit on Power90 really treated me well this morning.  My wife says it is because I was an athlete, and lifting weights comes naturally.  She may be right.  The kids left me alone long enough to get through it, and I managed to do all of the exercises without having to stop.  At one point, I was actually ahead of the video.  I must remember to go slow- I'm used to the power movements to build size and strength, not this "sculpting" stuff.  In general, I love the Circuit.  I DREAD the cardio.  Sunday is my day off from the Power90 program, so Monday I'm back at it. 

Still on track, still in the zone.  Rock and Roll.

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