Return of the Hometown Area Code

313.  That was the area code where I grew up in Michigan, on the far west side of Detroit.  Still a 'burb of The D, but a solid 30 minute drive from downtown.  It's also my weight today.  29 pounds and counting- and with apologies to the Marines (I never served)- OORAH!

So, the Feast is On.  My lovely, picture-crazy wife snapped this pic below before the Mongolian horde that is my family dug in:

I'm stuffed, and it's only 3:28 pm!  I'd show an after pic, but suffice it to say that there ain't no fruit left, and there ain't but a few broccoli things left.  My daughter ate most of the mango, dang her, but she did offer me the last bite (thanks, honey).  I should've bought two!  Just glad the kids and wife are on board with the healthier eating!

Three hours from game time, and I'm geeked.  I love the Super Bowl.  it's the only game with pageantry and drama that lives up to billing every year.  Even when the game isn't always the greatest (I'm thinking of the Patriots' showing against da Bears in 1985, ouch), the party and all things associated with the game more than compensate.  And even in a blowout there's drama.  Remember William "The Refrigerator" Perry burrito-rolling across the goal line in the waning moments, a site that will live with me forever, all at the expense of letting Walter Payton score a Super Bowl touchdown.  Payton was a class act about it, but watching the flab fly as The Fridge dove for the corner...ugh...and to think at the time I said to myself "I'll never get THAT big!" LOL

So here we go- two meals down, calories on track, I hit the elliptical already, and I'm writing this- what a great day.  I may even link today's sermon to my blog at some point.  It's been that good of a day- even the preacher gets some props.  I don't mean to sound like an a$$hole, but I'm pretty critical in my old age, LOL

14 days on Track.  Weight: 313.6 (-29 pounds), Waist: 55.5 (-4 inches).  Go, baby, go!

Additional Proof:  This is a screenshot from my iPod of my Super Bowl day:
(Yes, I'm still working on the "sleep" thing...)

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