Week 1 Recap - Strength & Honor

Okay, so "strength & honor" was from the movie Gladiator, not 300.  It is still a good summary of Week 1.  I ate according to plan for the entire week, worked out as I planned, and managed to lose a ton of weight.  Mostly water, I'm guessing, having been through this "honeymoon" period of a new program a few times before.  But hey, progress is progress, right? 

Latest Stats:
Weight: 319.8 lbs (-22.8 pounds)
Waist Measure: 58" (-2")
BMI: 45.9 (-4.0 points)

Interesting anecdotal feeling: I'm on top of the world.  Not for the loss in weight, necessarily, but where I have tended to feel like there is a wall of cotton between me and the world in the last few months as a gravitationally-challenged person, even losing this little bit of weight has made me feel great. 

Something I learned this week from my Gadget: I can overeat at a moment's notice.  Not exactly a real epiphany or anything, but for maybe the first time, I caught myself before I did some real damage to what I'd accomplished so far in the week.  Looking at my meals over the last week, I was exceedingly good, EXCEPT for once: at breakfast Friday morning.  I had to get up around 3:30 am to get to work for an early meeting with the 3rd shift guys.  After the meetings, I went to a local breakfast spot (Granny's Kitchen, fabulous biscuits if you're ever in Americus, GA).  I ordered and ate an omelet (egg beaters, low-fat Swiss cheese, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, and some turkey), and just didn't feel full right away, so I ordered a bagel (sesame, toasted, no butter).  After eating that, I was STILL hungry, or thought I was, so I had a bowl of soup (Spicy vegetable).  I almost ordered another omelet before I realized I needed to slow down and give my body a chance to say, "hey buddy, I'm done here- now you're just indulging your inner glutton." 

And it did.  After a glass of water. 

I went back to work and was pretty pleased with myself, if a little scared.  Scared, because this isn't a "diet" I'm on, really, it's the way I'm supposed to eat forever from the beginning, I am not denying myself ANYthing, and I almost blew it in week one.  You might say I did blow it- the soup was unnecessary.  But I'm calling it a win, because at least it wasn't a half dozen homemade buttermilk biscuits that looked oh-so-delicious sitting in the open kitchen window. 

Hah! Begone, Biscuits!  I banish thee to later stages of my program when I can best deal with thee!

So Week 1 is in the bag.  I'm 22 pounds lighter, I can do 50 minutes on the elliptical without feeling like I'm going to pass out.  What's next?  Power90 program starts Wednesday.  Now it's time for some real work.  In fact, it's time to institute an old custom...grant them (no, not prima nocta), the good ol' "Two-A-Day."

For those who aren't familiar, most football seasons begin with a couple of weeks of absolute hell: practices and extra conditioning at least twice/day (morning and afternoon sessions at minimum).  I always thought it was funny, because it was always called "Two-A-Days," even when there were three practices and a film session to boot.  It was more like "All-Days," but hey, there's a reason most offenses go on counts of one or two and rarely any count higher. 

So these are my Two-A-Days.  Morning Power90, evening Elliptical.  I may trade the two sessions, depending on how I feel in the mornings, but starting Wednesday, I'm going to have two work out sessions in addition to my 7-? job and practicing baseball with my son.  Now THAT should generate a caloric deficit!

January 29, 2012 Weight: 319.8; Days On Track: 7

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