Day 1 - Giddy GadgetMan

Day 1 is a misnomer.

I started a "build-up" phase a couple of weeks ago, where I continued to eat like it was the holidays, but started using the Elliptical machine once or twice/day to ease myself back into working out. It's been awhile, and over the last 10 years or so, whenever I started, I'd go all gung-ho and get so sore in the first week or two that I'd take a week off...and that week would stretch into several months...rinse & repeat, and 10 years go by.

Starting on Monday, I started Phase II: Gadgets for Goodness. In this phase, I turned on my
BodyMedia BW Link, started tracking my diet on their website, and entered my goals into their website. I do NOT work for or get paid a dime by BodyMedia, and I am NOT recommending their product(s), but someone recommended this particular gadget to me, so I figured WTH, it's cheaper than joining a gym, and I'm going to get in some sort of reasonable shape before I hit one, so I might as well give it a shot. And, as my wife will tell you, I'm really good if I've got a gadget. Fortunately, this one isn't related to a specific diet, type of exercise, or anything else you can't maintain after the novelty/program wears off. It just tells you about your body and how it is reacting to what you do. And I need feedback. I love it- just not from people staring at my fat ass in the gym, LOL

So here's what I want:

I want to way less than 180 pounds. I think I'd be happy at 200 or 190, but I weighed in at 191 my Sophomore year in high school for my first year playing Varsity football, and I had worked my butt off the previous year to get to a RIPPED 191. Think 4.5 forty yard dash speed at 191- I was a fullback and a linebacker, and I kicked some ass. But my doctor at the time told me that 200 pounds at 5' 10" wasn't really a healthy weight, "especially when you get to be 40!" I probably remember that now, because I'm about double that weight, and for no other reason.

I want to get off the drug regimen I'm on (at least the blood pressure meds). Costs of health care, company benefits & Obamacare moving to penalizing the less-healthy? 'Nuff said.

I want to fit in those small seats on airplanes comfortably, and put the tray down without having my belly rest on top of it. Pretty self-explanatory.

I want to walk my daughter down the aisle if she chooses to get married. My wife's father passed away several years before I married her (for reasons other than mine listed here, but his absence sticks in my head).

I want to have a beer with my son after a football game and talk about his dreams for his future after college. Who wouldn't?

Most importantly: I want to continue to be a royal pain to my lovely wife, who still puts up with me after almost 10 years, for a very long time. A VERY long time. We will talk about my wife some other time, like when I'm whining that I want a plate of nachos and she throws bean soup at me. Yes, bean soup.

 What I'm doing in Phase II:
  • Elliptical machine for at least 45 minutes/day (shooting for 60)
  • Power 90 "total body transformation" program (starting February 1) I also do not recommend this product or company at this point, I've only opened the box and looked at it, LOL
  • Eating by substitution: I'll go into more detail in a future post about my love/hate relationship with fruits and veggies, but suffice it to say that I'm eating the veggies I like in mass quantities for each of my main meals, and adding three small snacks in between throughout the day
Day 1 was a breeze- I hit the elliptical for an hour, ate to the plan, and according to my gadget, I had a caloric deficit of 1,300 calories. Also according to the gadget, I have to maintain a daily deficit of 1,000 calories/day to lose 2 pounds/week, AND at that rate, I will reach my target weight sometime in (drumroll)...2013!!! Ya-HUH?! 2013? Why not by June?! Not even this year? Pretty please? With protein powder on top?
Unfortunately, I have been on so many different diets, and in so many different "programs" over the years, I know the answer to this as well: I didn't get this way overnight, and I'm not going to take it off overnight either. Damn. But I am pretty sure I can do better than 2 pounds/week- time will tell.
A note on pictures: I did take some before pictures in the "classic poses." "Classic" meaning, I didn't have time to put down my cell phone thanks to work, but I did do the front/side/back mugshots you always see (complete with sullen face). I didn't take the "Thinker's" pose, or strike any bodybuilding poses (although I was tempted). I'll post them soon, so you will see the large lump of clay I have to sculpt into something beautiful.
After Day 1: Feeling GIDDY! Can't wait for the Gadget to start giving me data to play with! Days on Track: 2

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