Tie it Down! Tie it Down!

I believe in one "modern" truth everyone should know about. 

I don't care what you are watching on TV, reading (books, blogs, newspapers, magazines, whatever), seeing (visualizing, watching in real time, etc.), listening to, or feeling (for that matter).  If you are not tying it to your life, and thereby to what you actually care about and believe in, you are wasting your time.

Sorry if that pisses you off for some reason.  But everything else is escapism at best, or just procrastination at worst. 

If The Bachelor helps you "get through" your relationships because yours are not as f'd up as what you are seeing, at least there is value there.  If Dungeons and Dragons helps you invent a role-play that gets you out of an otherwise miserable existence in real life, at least it's not because you just hate your life, and thereby it becomes merely escapism.  If listening to The Fray gets you through a tough workout, it's better than...well...better than they were during the national anthem tonight, LOL!

But seriously.

I do not like wasting my time.  Time lost is time I will never get back.  So that time is important.  Maybe my history puts that feeling in perspective for you, maybe it doesn't.  I just know too many people who wanted nothing except time.  I don't intend to be one of those people.  I will take advantage of all of the time afforded to me.  Period.

This week, I had an all-week safety audit (it happens every three years).  I had to entertain, in addition to actually showing well during the audit.  I still lost 2.6 pounds.  This is what it is all about.  I ate take-out for every lunch, and I ate out for every dinner, and I still lost weight.  AND my facilities did well on their audits.  Not just "well," f***ing AWESOME.  If this ain't living, I don't want to know what "living" is. 

One day late on the post- sorry, I was without internet yesterday.  Yes, that also means I missed my "official" weigh-in yesterday as well, so I'm using my Saturday weigh-in before I left for my (brief) vacation.  Still, I know I did well, I just continued the same behavior from late in the week while I was gone over the weekend. 

My first attempt at at motivation: YOU can DO this.  See ya later this week!

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